Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs

For Connoisseurs of Exotic Liqueurs

Best quality liqueurs from Australian plants

Fine fortified alcohols flavoured naturally by Australian bushtucker.



Bushtucker Distillery Since 2014

Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs (KBL) is Australia’s first licensed distillery that specialises in making liqueurs from bushtucker. (Producers License number 6180149766)


Founded and licensed in 2014, the idea for Kimberley Bushtucker Liqueurs (KBL) came about over a few home brews that had the bite of a crocodile and the taste of a potential future. Realising that the Kimberley held a broad variety of bush tucker fruits, a massive supply of natural spring water and with an urge to have a go, the wheels were set in motion.